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Saturday, April 30, 2011


April~ Love it, it's always so crazy, my sister and I both have birthdays, we have Easter, Ann.'s, taxes, more b-days and I've had a few shoots to share so I thought I would!
First off was our friend "D"'s b-day. We had a surprise party for her and it was so nice to see everyone:
This is Izzy with grandma, isn't she cute!
Then my second cousin Erin Zimmerman wanted engagement photos done. We haven't seen each other in so long so it was nice.
Then we have Jayden!!! Meghan and Joe are friends of my brother and sister in-law and referred me, that just puts a big smile on my face knowing they think my work is good enough to "refer" ;-) Jayden was SOOOOO good, what a cutie, I think my favorite is with the hat....
On the 16th my sister in-law had her big run, the weather was crap, but she pushed through and did it! We are all so proud of her!
I had a shoot that day for Mary (one of Jason's old teachers) so we didn't go. That day Christy also had Ultimate Frisbee at Ripon for little "o"'s college fund but we couldn't make that either (they were on the news!)
As for Mary's shoot, she had a BIG family! I did my best but it's sort of hard to get this many people looking the right way!
Aidan~ this couple I shot a year or so back for their wedding. I just love that my bride and grooms still think of me to do their baby pictures as well!
Then last but not least! Chase!
He was so super good that day. I have worked with this family for the past two years and have gotten some great images. Jessica (mom) wanted to do a progressive shoot while she was pregnant, I had never done one before so we gave it a go!

And that was APRIL!

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